Investment portfolio

Portfolio of companies in which we have invested as part of our mission and purpose to support the development of new technologies that will enable humanity to move towards a cleaner, greener, more resource efficient society, always seeking to harness the potential of nature to improve the quality of life for all.

Celtic Renewables

The company’s mission is to re-establish the acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) fermentation process on a global scale, using low-value local materials to produce sustainable, high-value, low-carbon products. It is a company that continues to innovate, improve and optimise its proprietary technology in terms of scientific, engineering and manufacturing excellence to develop world-leading biorefineries in key locations that will grow local economies and shareholder value. Its commitment is to work with strategic partners to create an environmentally and socio-economically viable industry that displaces fossil fuel derivatives..


CARNOT Engines

Carnot Engines is a pioneer in the technology of choice for the future of energy: hydrogen, addressing the challenge of decarbonising industry, transport and energy by facilitating and accelerating the deployment of hydrogen at scale and the path to zero emissions.
Combining high power density, high efficiency, very compact, lightweight and low total cost of ownership, and working with cutting-edge research organisations and advanced manufacturers, Carnot is co-developing the industry’s new engines with leading OEMs and major impact investors.


Wind Harvest

A company specialising in the development of wind turbines that will be the first modern turbines to generate electricity from the high-energy but unused middle layers of the wind. When installed on existing wind farms, its technology synergistically enhances the output of taller propeller turbines by driving the higher speed wind into their rotors. Harnessing the potential of existing wind farms and their wind turbines is an unprecedented opportunity to bring new exponential growth in wind energy production to the energy revolution. The goal is to prevent the world from passing the climate tipping point.


Oscilla Power

Oscilla Power aims to harness the significant untapped potential of ocean waves and deliver the first commercially attractive power generation solutions competitive with traditional renewables in the high potential ocean wave energy market. Its wave energy converter, Triton, is designed to deliver utility-scale power at a competitive cost by combining best-in-class energy capture and power generation with unprecedented reliability and survivability..

Human Forest

A state-of-the-art electric moped is the most stylish way to get around London. Built to last, it brings cutting-edge technology to the streets without a single polluting emission in sight. Human Forest’s mission is to build happier, healthier cities for all by empowering our urban environment with electric bikes powered by renewable energy..

Orbital Marine Power

A company on a mission to bring a new source of clean, predictable energy to millions of people, homes and businesses around the world.
Their unique floating platform is anchored to powerful tidal or river currents and uses underwater rotors to capture the dense, flowing energy. Decarbonising energy is an imperative for the security of future generations and a responsibility for all of us, so they have developed an innovative solution that can cost-effectively harness the enormously dense and predictable renewable energy flowing in the world’s ocean and river currents..