Developing a City System Architecture to facilitate the digital transformation of urban areas towards Smart Cities

Dec 2021- Feb 2022
Collaboration on the research project on the MSc Enterprise System Management in the School of Computing and Digital Technology at Birmingham City University. This research aims to develop a city systems architecture to facilitate the digital transformation of urban areas towards smart cities.

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Smart City Cohesive Model (SCCM)

The IDHUS Institute has developed an urban management model based on technologies such as blockchain, IoT and artificial intelligence to support the transformation of our cities into smart cities.The Smart Cities Cohesive Model (SCCM) provides a framework structure for the interconnection and interoperability of the different technologies that make a city work and optimise its resources, services and infrastructure.

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IDH is the native token of the SCCM, which enables smart city applications and services. It is an ERC20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate the connectivity, interoperability and management of all systems, applications and blockchain-based technologies used in the development and implementation of different applications and services for Smart Cities. The mission of the IDH token is to ensure the correct functioning of the different systems within a Smart City, allowing them to operate and be monitored from their central management and control mechanisms.

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