About us

About the IDHUS

The IDHUS Institute is an organisation focused on the analysis, study and dissemination of the humanitarian and geopolitical situation in the Sahel region. We are not on the ground working on the active part of delivering aid where it is needed, but rather in the area of collaborating with international agencies, organisations and NGOs that seek to increase the way in which we can reach with better resources, more effectively, and more quickly, where it is needed, to alleviate catastrophes and emergency situations caused by conflicts or natural disasters in the different countries that make up this semi-arid strip of Africa.

Officially created in 2019, we focus on studying, analysing, creating and improving, together with the rest of the actors involved in this field, the information and working methodologies and mechanisms that are required for effective aid on the ground to the population of this region of the planet, and for there to be a basis of understanding of what is happening that can be used by the different actors involved in humanitarian assistance in the region.

Mission and raison d’être of the IDHUS

The embryo of our organisation began to take shape after the 2004 tsunami, caused by a powerful undersea earthquake that struck at 07:58:53 local time on Sunday, 26 December 2004, with its epicentre off the coast of Banda Aceh. Two of our founding members helped rebuild the damaged area three years later, as part of two of the dozens of NGOs and organisations that poured in for more than a decade to help in the aftermath of the disaster.

Since then, the IDHUS team started working on the development of an NGO called RESPECT Refugees for international cooperation which, over the years, led to the creation of the IDHUS Institute as a means of seeking ways to improve the international response to natural disasters or humanitarian crises triggered by conflict. We have gradually specialised in the Sahel region due to the importance of the area for the stability of the African continent, the number of actors involved and the increase in humanitarian crises that seem to have no end in sight in the region.

Our logo and brand

Our logo is a symbol of endless growth. Like each ring of a tree trunk that each year adds experience, knowledge and wisdom to its evolutionary process, the IDHUS shares this philosophy of continuous learning, constant change and growth, always expanding beyond our limits and comfort zone. The infinity of our logo symbolises the desire to go through each process we open, to complete the cycle of experience it brings us, to return to the centre and start again.