Our services

The IDHUS Institute offers consultancy and advisory services in all areas related to the transformation of our cities’ services and infrastructures into their “smart” counterparts.

Studies and project planning for the digital transformation of city services

We analyse the possibilities and existing solutions to find the most optimal and appropriate way to digitise and improve urban management services, digital governance, citizen information systems, urban data collection, etc.


Management and coordination of projects for the integration of IoT systems for the monitoring of infrastructures

We work on the management and direction of technological projects with IoT solutions and products, which allow the collection of data and information on the operation of smart city infrastructures.


Developing and integrating blockchain-based data and information solutions

We advise and work on the development of blockchain-based solutions for the secure storage of data from city management services, and offer consultancy services for the integration of blockchain in infrastructures such as energy management, water or services such as the management of municipal procedures.


Consultancy and advice on plans for the transformation of cities into their “smart” counterpart

We’re working with local authorities and service providers to provide cities with “smart” solutions based on technologies that are part of the Industry 4.0 paradigm. The aim is to improve the efficiency and optimisation of urban resources.


Collaborating and participating in international projects to develop smart cities

We are part of international consortia, study bodies and organisations that promote the development of Smart Cities, and we participate in global projects to promote the development of Smart Cities around the world.


Training on new technological developments for city infrastructure and services

We advise on the use of new technological solutions to improve all city services, offering training, lectures and courses on IoT-based systems, blockchain, AI, next-generation mobile communications and all the technologies that, together, allow our cities to become smart cities.


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