Consumer profile: why the information you give to the internet matters more than you think

An analysis on how big tech companies are creating a clear and real psychological profile of each consumer in order to deliver hyper-personalised advertisements of what can really be sold to us and how we have introduced an array of microphones into our households through the adoption of various technological and mobile devices, further compounded by the ubiquity of internet connectivity within our appliances.

Publication date: Oct 2023
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Human development and the psychology of social growth and personal transformation

An analysis of the processes currently taking place in our society that promote, alter or change the development and personal interaction of human beings, leading us towards a model of society in which we interact less and less with each other and depend more and more, by choice, on any technology that does not involve asking for help from others.

Publication date: Sep 2023
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Rare earth metals supply crisis? Understanding the role of rare metals in modern society

Challenges and solutions in the transition to clean and renewable energies and in the development of emerging technologies due to the dependence on rare earths and the few countries that do have the monopoly of them.

Publication date: April 2023
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Urban and social development: the transformation of cities as they go through changes in demography and population

Exploring how our global geographical and demographic landscape is undergoing a profound metamorphosis, exerting considerable influence on the urban centers where an ever-expanding portion of the global populace congregates.

Publication date: Jan 2023
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Ecosystems and the environmental impact of our society on the development and recovery of the biosphere

Analysis on the discourse surrounding climate change which encompasses multifaceted dimensions. While human activities undeniably contribute to global warming, the Earth also plays an active role in this phenomenon, amplifying its own internal heat due to the ecological disarray resulting from human intervention.

Publication date: Dec 2022
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