Analyzing the dynamics of societal change from a demographic, technological and humanitarian perspective

Researching the intricate interplay between demographic studies, human development, and world population dynamics

Understanding the multifaceted impact of world population change is essential for policymakers, researchers, and organizations to make informed decisions and develop strategies that promote sustainable development, equity, and the well-being of people around the world.

At the IDHUS Institute, we are passionate about understanding the fundamental forces that shape our world. Our mission is to shed light on the intricate interplay between demographic studies, human development, and world population dynamics.


Human development and the psychology of social growth and personal transformation

An analysis of the processes that are currently taking place in our society and that promote, alter or change the development and personal interaction of human beings.

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Books and publications

Smart Cities Cohesive Model (MCCI) (spanish version)

Publication date: September 2022
Available on Amazon softcover, hardcover, kindle and in bookstores.

The MCCI is a framework and model for the transformation of our cities into Smart Cities using the most disruptive technologies and integration and development mechanisms that allow our cities to offer us a high quality of life, be environmentally friendly and optimize the necessary resources for all of us who make use of them.

It is a guide for the interconnection of technologies such as IoT, blockchain networks, artificial intelligence and digital twins to create a smart city management system that assists us in optimizing their services and infrastructures.


Processes of the Future: A global vision of the technological and social advancement of humanity (spanish version)

Publication date: April 2020
Available on: Kindle Amazon

The dynamics set in motion by the situation we are currently experiencing, due to the worldwide pandemic, is modifying all processes in all areas of life in which humanity sustains its growth and development.

Rarely in recent human history have we had to confine a third of the population to their homes to prevent the spread of the virus, and to stop the economy and close millions of stores, services, companies and businesses around the world, at least for a few weeks. The implications this will have in the medium and long term are many, and perhaps we do not yet know how this will affect the different technological, economic, scientific, social and cultural areas and the medium and long term plans that were underway in them.